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More light!   A Freemason's Blog

More Light, a Freemason's blog

The Circus

by Scott Garan on 09/25/13

This years circus was amazing.   We had 2 nearly packed shows and everyone I spoke to had nothing but good to say.   With it's success, and the communities amazing support. we will definitely be holding this event next year.   Keep checking in as I will posting more information when it becomes available.

On the level

by Scott Garan on 06/12/13

One of the things Freemasons say is that we meet upon the level in our Lodges.   This is one of those things that a first may seem like a simple saying, but has significant meaning. You see, it means that no matter what your station in life is, we are all equal in masonry.

No man is more or less important within our Lodges.   Even the Master of the Lodge (the elected man overseeing the operations of the Lodge)  is considered a brother.   While it is his duty to see that things get done, it must be with the consent of the other Lodge brethren.   We are all brothers.   In fact, there is a great story about President "Teddy" Roosevelt and this very thing.   

Roosevelt, a well known Mason and president at the time, attended his Lodge.   Naturally, there was a lot of excitement for the brethren having a sitting president visit them.    Because of his status, Roosevelt was asked if he wanted to give any speeches, or participate in the evenings events.   Roosevelt simply pointed out that in the Lodge, he was simply another brother and that it was the current Master's duties to see that things got done.

I simply love this story as it shows that we are all men with purpose.   Some may be attorney's or mechanics, while others may be firemen or business man.   Some may teachers or even be president of the United States, but in the end, we all meet upon the level.

Freemasonry is a brotherhood of men that want to make not only themselves, but world around us a better place.   We all make a difference in each other's lives.  



by Scott Garan on 05/28/13

For those interested in coming to the circus, the dates, times and locations to buy tickets have been posted on the circus page.    I hope to see you all there!


Welcome Aboard!

by Scott Garan on 05/13/13

Saturday, I spent the day at the Scottish Rite Valley of Canton, where mean received their first three degrees in masonry, becoming Master Masons.   Similar events took place in Cleveland, and throughout the state of Ohio.  

To those new to the craft, I can only ask that you get involved with the Blue Lodges where you petitioned.   This brotherhood is truly what YOU make of it.   What you will discover however, is that the more you put into masonry, the more you will get out of it!   Just think, men like George Washington and Neil Armstrong went through the same rituals that you did on Saturday.   You are now PART of history, joining the largest fraternity in the world.   You will forever be part of us.   You will always be a Freemason. 

My brethren, as you now start your journey in Freemasonry, remember well the oaths that you have taken, and guard our secrets as you have been charged. I am proud to say that each of you are now one of my brothers.   Welcome aboard brethren, welcome aboard!


The Beginning

by Scott Garan on 05/10/13

I have been a Freemason for 8 years now, and have served as both Master of W.K. Ricksecker Masonic Lodge in Aurora, Ohio and am also starting the officer's line in the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley of Canton's Rose Croix Line.   

This page has been created to share the light in Masonry that has been so important in my life.   When I first joined Masonry, it was truly because I was looking for something else in life!   You see, I was a cop.   I worked as a cop and was viewed as the cop that lived up the street.   My side job was teaching at the police academy, where I taught others how to be a cop.   It was not that I did not like this role in my life, but that I suddenly realized that there must be something more to life.   I mean, everyone I associated with was a cop!   So, I began thinking about ways to interact with others!   While on patrol, I stumbled into some men that had just finished their masonic meeting, and I had the opportunity to talk with them.   It was then that I realized that this organization may just be the thing I need.

You see, Freemasons embodied everything that was important to me.   It was a group of men that shared a common bond.   They believed in a power greater than themselves, but also shared in the comraderie that was so important to me.   They also believed in the basic foundations of what has made this country great, which are those freedoms we all seem to take for granted.

When I joined, I was accepted as a brother.   These men have been there for me through thick and thin, just as I have tried to do for them!   Because of this bond, we support one another, and share in each others triumphs as well as defeats.   What never changes, however, is the love we share for our core values and each other. These values have kept us strong for decades, if not longer.

My friends, if you have found this page, you are on your own journey to make something better in your life.   For some, it me be the quest to find out more about this mysterious thing called Freemasonry.   It may be a search to find other men that believe in something more than just the importance of making money.   For others, it me be a desire to find out details on a local circus we sponsor, so you can share it with your family.   The common theme, however, is that we all believe in the importance of family, brotherly love, and something that seems to have been becoming more and more scarce these days, a reason to live for something greater than ourselves.   A purpose!

Sharing life's experiences with one another is something that cannot be overlooked.   It is what connects each of us in one way or another.   We may have different beliefs about many things, but in the end we are all human.   I invite each of you to share your stories on this blog.   The good, the bad and the ugly.

After all, we are all brothers, and sisters!