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On the level

by Scott Garan on 06/12/13

One of the things Freemasons say is that we meet upon the level in our Lodges.   This is one of those things that a first may seem like a simple saying, but has significant meaning. You see, it means that no matter what your station in life is, we are all equal in masonry.

No man is more or less important within our Lodges.   Even the Master of the Lodge (the elected man overseeing the operations of the Lodge)  is considered a brother.   While it is his duty to see that things get done, it must be with the consent of the other Lodge brethren.   We are all brothers.   In fact, there is a great story about President "Teddy" Roosevelt and this very thing.   

Roosevelt, a well known Mason and president at the time, attended his Lodge.   Naturally, there was a lot of excitement for the brethren having a sitting president visit them.    Because of his status, Roosevelt was asked if he wanted to give any speeches, or participate in the evenings events.   Roosevelt simply pointed out that in the Lodge, he was simply another brother and that it was the current Master's duties to see that things got done.

I simply love this story as it shows that we are all men with purpose.   Some may be attorney's or mechanics, while others may be firemen or business man.   Some may teachers or even be president of the United States, but in the end, we all meet upon the level.

Freemasonry is a brotherhood of men that want to make not only themselves, but world around us a better place.   We all make a difference in each other's lives.  


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