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Welcome Aboard!

by Scott Garan on 05/13/13

Saturday, I spent the day at the Scottish Rite Valley of Canton, where mean received their first three degrees in masonry, becoming Master Masons.   Similar events took place in Cleveland, and throughout the state of Ohio.  

To those new to the craft, I can only ask that you get involved with the Blue Lodges where you petitioned.   This brotherhood is truly what YOU make of it.   What you will discover however, is that the more you put into masonry, the more you will get out of it!   Just think, men like George Washington and Neil Armstrong went through the same rituals that you did on Saturday.   You are now PART of history, joining the largest fraternity in the world.   You will forever be part of us.   You will always be a Freemason. 

My brethren, as you now start your journey in Freemasonry, remember well the oaths that you have taken, and guard our secrets as you have been charged. I am proud to say that each of you are now one of my brothers.   Welcome aboard brethren, welcome aboard!


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